Pasha  - A store for Homemade food from Haahuza

About the Store

Pasha is a unique store of its kind in Jerusalem that offers a menu of ready-made meat dishes 6 days a week that is served as a buffet. The client can enjoy choosing the dishes him or herself as well as choosing the desired amount.
On Thursdays and Fridays we offer a special and rich menu of dishes for Shabbat that includes over 100 types of dishes.
In addition to the buffet, the store also offers a take-away stand and deliveries of hot dishes prepared on the spot on Sundays-Thursdays.

Catering Services

In case you need an amount of dishes for over twenty people, you could also book catering. Pasha offers more than 10 different and varied catering menus that have been catered especially for the different kinds of events. 

You can choose from basic menus that include a main course, a side dish and salads and from full menus that even include table arrangements and waiters.

Where did it all begin?

Way back in the 70s there was a man named Nissim Gazit, whose friends would call by the title of honor that was customary in their homeland – Pasha.

Pasha, or in his first name Nissim, and his wife Ester decided that they would like to share the wonders of the cuisine they brought with them from their native land with the rest of Jerusalem's population and opened the restaurant Dekel.

From there the business very quickly grew into the field of events and included among others the halls also "Haahuza" “Haahuza Catering” and the Yasmin food factory, whose products are marketed today all across Israel.

The Pasha Food area is the largest in the entire Jerusalem area that offers ready-made food 6 days a week and brings dozens of years of experience in the culinary field alongside innovation of unique dishes.

Deliveries Sunday –Wednesday 12:00-17:00, Thursdays 12:00-18:00
Order minimum NIS 120
Delivery fee NIS 20

As well as an additional selection of ready-made food to be purchased by weight

On Fridays there will be free parking also in the building’s parking garage

A store for ready-made food 6 days a week. Rich and varied meat menu during the entire week.
You can book Bar Mitzah and Bat Mitzah meals, family dinners and catering services

Made in an environment that contains gluten  Without meat or eggs


Kosher meat Halak Beit Yosef

28 Pierre Koenig Street Talpiot   Phone: 02-6482220 Fax: 02-6482221 

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